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Find of the day: Baby werewolf fiction

editor’s note: Like a pearl diver swimming in a quagmire, I cannon-balled into the miasma of internet fiction. But what a gem I found for you! They say Love is all it takes to make a family.  But in this short story, sound-proofing, creative babysitters, a rolodex of activist dykes, and a varied supply of baby werewolf chew toys give Love a helping, and sometimes hilarious, hand. 


illustration by MARCOS CHIN


“How could you not be a basket case?” I stared out the window. “You’re in mourning and there’s a rabid frigging monster in your basement.”

A faint “Aroo” trickled from the speaker.

“So? You think you’re such a catch?”


complete story at http://www.tor.com/stories/2010/07/the-cage

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