Summer Poetry Roundup

Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews

On the Midnight Stage/High Ground Valley Flashback – Walter Beck (Writing Knights Press)

Dialectic of the Flesh – Roz Kaveney (A Midsummer Night’s Press)

Deleted Names – Lawrence Schimel (A Midsummer Night’s Press)

Fortunate Light – David Bergman (A Midsummer Night’s Press)

What happened to the Spring Poetry Roundup, you ask? Time got away from me, I finished my novel, I started an editing business, we moved the blog — shit, as they say, happened. So, my apologies to Walter Beck and Lawrence Schimel who sent these pieces to me a long time ago. The length of time between when they came out and when this review appears, however, has nothing to do with their quality. And there is some quality here, indeed.

4009-MIDNIGHT-STAGE_zps59e50f58First up is a two-fer from Walter Beck, On the Midnight Stage and High Ground Valley Flashback. On the Midnight Stage contains one or two of…

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Does She Love You?

I have mixed reactions to the very idea  of video trailers for books.*

But this one for Rachel Spangler’s novel “Does She Love You?” gets my unconditional love. Well, affection. Well, my unconditional… hey is that a unicorn?

*Mixed Reactions defined:

Mixed, adjective, \ˈmikst\ including or accompanied by inconsistent, incompatible, or contrary elements

In the mix:

  • ambivalence
  • surprise
  • outrage
  • befuddlement
  • and the unanswerable question “why?” As in why would I want anyone to cast a movie of the pictures in my head before I had even put pictures in my head… isn’t that one of the reasons movies are more disappointing than books?

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100 Fantasy Writing Prompts

These are some interesting (and some impossible) prompts. I’ll have revamp them with the 101 lesbianic fantasy prompts.

The Poets and the Peddlers

1. A fantasy in which no animal is the same as on Earth, but nor are they simply replacements with different names and designs.

2. A theology-focused fantasy in which the characters do logical debate about God and gods. By logical, I mean make all sides logical, not just the one you think is right.

3. A healing system where healing is possible, but the injury or sickness healed would be imposed on the healer forever. Bonus points: don’t make this one dark and depressing.

4. A fantasy world without humans. Bonus points if they’re not all furries.

5. A fantasy in which there are tens of contradicting and intertwining prophecies and no one knows which ones to believe.

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Routine Writers

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Queer Ragas- Coming Out, Coming Together


By Shiva Subbaraman

Stories have so many beginnings.

The other day someone asked me, “so how did you end up becoming the founding Director of an LGBTQ Center at a Catholic institution?”—his question implying if not a sense of miracles,  a clear sense of my marked status as an outsider to all of the communities he envisioned: I am not American, male, white, and most certainly not Catholic. It was also an unspoken call to justify why I might have been hired: a compulsion to reiterate my credentials. He could not understand, he said, what authority, and by implication, what authenticity I could possibly have to speak on behalf of.

He had no comprehension at all of all- girls’ catholic schools and colleges in India that
 shaped the most formative 20 years of my life; that St. Thomas and St. Francis Xavier are household names where I grew up…

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I think I have logorrhea.

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