New Lesbian Journal: Adrienne


Adrienne Header

Valerie Wetlaufer, Editor
Coming to SRP in 2014

Submissions open June 1—June 30

Adrienne is new a quarterly journal of lesbian poetry published by Sibling Rivalry Press. Each issue of Adrienne will feature a substantial portfolio of work by ten to twelve emerging or established queer women poets.

During the month of June, submit 7-12 poems, or the equivalent thereof if some of your pieces are longer, via Submittable (link will be provided in June). Work need not be lesbian themed. The definition of “lesbian poet” is also subjective. We’d like to make it clear that for us, “lesbian” is a flexible term. We welcome work by women who identify as queer, dyke, bisexual, and trans* as well. We will not police your identity.

Each issue of Adrienne will be built around a small number of poets and showcase the variety within the queer poetry community. We’re not looking for any one style or form. In fact, we want each issue to represent multiple poetic forms, including traditional poetry, prose poetry, spoken word poetry translated to the page, and experimental poetry.

The chosen poets will retain all rights to their work and will receive a free copy of their issue when it goes to print.

We are also interested in submissions of visual art by queer women for the cover of Adrienne. To submit covert art, email the editor at


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