Bemuse- Meet your Muse on May 4th

BeMuse Gala –Meet the Muses

May 4, 2011   7-9pm

Madison’s Grill (Banquet Room)

1109 Southeast Madison Street
Portland Oregon
Multimedia, multi-artist, cross-pollination, ongoing Art Project BEMUSE debuts! At this gala, Artists meet their muses. Audience meets artists. Performing artists perform. Poets wax poetic. Much fun and inspiration to be shared.

Q: What do you get when Art bumps uglies?

A: More! Art!

title: The birds and the bees


Birds are chirping. Bees are buzzing. Buzzing becomes louder and louder until… PAN OUT to reveal


Window slams shut. Kid of undeterminable age and even less determinable gender is wearing an oversized t-shirt with a vulgar advertisement for a beer named after a band named after a sports team. Dad is wearing a paisley mobius strip. They appear to be having an awkward conversation. 

Kid: Dad?

Dad: Kid?

Kid: Where does Art come from?

Dad: Ask your mother.


Kid: Dad?

Dad: Kid? 

Kid: Where does Art come from? 

Dad: It’s like this when a mommy poem meets a daddy painting and they like each other a lot in a grownup, special way… twenty days later they each get knocked up with a new poem or painting.

Kid: Is that inspiration?

Dad: (snorts) It’s disgusting.

Bemuse! Like Strangers on a Train… without murder! (or trains)

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